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C. Pierson, “The assessment of vulnerable asylum seekers’ rights at the external borders of the European Union?”,Cahiers de l’EDEM, Special Issue, July 2022.

In European asylum law, the legal notion of vulnerability carries with it a particular and protective impact as it aims to identify the correlated special needs and to derive State obligations from them. The protection and care that these special needs require are hardly addressed at the borders; thus, the trend towards the development and streamlining of border procedures at the external borders of the European Union entails that the vulnerable asylum seekers are less likely to be identified and taken care of. Furthermore, this border reinforcement outweighs the protection of asylum seekers’ rights, and is particularly true for those vulnerable. The border procedures foreseen by the New Pact on Migration and Asylum, although encompassing measures for vulnerable groups, are in fact incompatible with the complete and systematic identification and care of these groups, and, in this regard, are far from corresponding to the protective standard set out by the Common European Asylum System. The legal basis, that has been slowly developed and articulated in this respect and thereby allowing for a growing legal incidence of the notion of vulnerability, is now largely questioned.

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Appel à contribution - Colloque "Sport et droit public"

Ouverture de l'appel à contribution pour le 7ème colloque de l'A.D.P.L. "Sport et droit public" jusqu'au 15 mai 2022.

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Retour sur les séminaires doctoraux 2021 - "Interdisciplinarité et droit"

Le droit peut-il se passer des autres disciplines ? Comment et pourquoi adopter une méthodologie interdisciplinaire dans la recherche en droit ? Que peuvent apporter les autres disciplines à la recherche juridique ? Ces différentes questions ont animé les débats qui se sont tenus en présentiel dans les locaux de l’Université Lyon 2 puis de l’Université Clermont Auvergne. 

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